1. The term "User" refers to all natural or legal persons who access the site www.boxstored.com, for any reason. The terms "Regulation", "Agreement", "Terms and Conditions" are used to designate this user agreement.

2. This agreement applies to the entire site www.boxstored.com, its services and content.

3. For the use of the site www.boxstored.com, its services and content, the User will unconditionally accept without any modification the conditions of this contract.

4. The site www.boxstored.com offers Users a software interface through which they can store and send files with various content (documents, programs, multimedia content).

5. The user agrees not to use any automated software system that accesses the site in order to upload files or perform any other request. All operations of the User on the site www.boxstored.com will be logged so that they can be studied in case of crimes.

6. Access to www.boxstored.com is free. There may be certain sections where access can only be made after paying a monthly subscription, for additional premium features.

7. The user will not copy or distribute any part of this site in any environment without obtaining prior written permission.

8. The user is responsible for his own actions as well as for the consequences that they may have, following the uploading or distribution of the uploaded content to third parties.

9. The user declares on his own responsibility that he does not upload or distribute copyrighted material, if he is not the author or if he does not have the author's permission to publish, distribute or copy the respective material.

10. The user declares at his own risk that:

does not upload or distribute materials containing viruses, Trojans or other programs with the intent to destroy or alter computer systems;

does not upload or distribute any content for which it does not have the legal right to transmit or broadcast under any conditions, under any legal system,

Romanian or foreign, contractual or trusting relations (these include confidential information, those under property rights, found or disclosed as part of service relations or subject to confidentiality agreements);

does not upload or distribute promotional materials, unsolicited e-mails, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of illegal solicitation;

does not create multiple accounts within the site;

does not promote or provide information on the conduct of illegal activities, the promotion of physical or verbal harm against any group or person, or to promote any act of cruelty to animals, this may include, but is not limited to, providing information about how to manufacture, purchase or assemble bombs or other types of weapons as well as the creation of malicious applications (viruses, Trojans);

does not upload or share personal data (names, addresses, phone numbers).

11.BoxStored cannot guarantee the credibility or accuracy of the information uploaded and sent by its Users.

12.BoxStored acts as a passive factor in the online distribution and publication of the information provided by the User and has no obligation to verify in advance the material published by the User. BoxStored does not permit copyright infringement or intellectual property infringement activities on this site. BoxStored will remove posted material if it is notified that such material violates intellectual property rights or other applicable laws. BoxStored will deny access to Users who repeatedly infringe their property rights.

13.BoxStored may deny Users access and may remove materials that violate the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

14. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information. BoxStored will not be liable for any moral or material damage caused by the User's failure to comply with this provision.

15. By accepting these Conditions, the User confirms that he is over 18 years of age, or is a minor and has the consent of the parent or legal guardian, and is able and competent to understand and comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth above.

16. These Conditions may be modified at certain intervals, without prior notice or acceptance by Users. The date of the last change made will be specified on this page.

17. This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between the User and www.boxstored.com and governs the use by the User of the services provided by the site www.boxstored.com.

18. The user will use the services of www.boxstored.com entirely at his own risk. BoxStored or othere affiliated companies will not be liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind, and will not be liable for any damages as a result of accessing or using the site or downloading any material from www.boxstored.com

19. Date of most recent update: 02 IANUARIE 2021

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